Motion Graphics by Jeremy Clark


Recent Radio silence?

Wow, it’s been a very long time since my last post here – my last post was way back in March 2012.

Rest assured that there is indeed a good reason – For in March 2012 I landed myself a full time CG job! I now work at a local Computer Graphics and production house based in Dunedin, New Zealand, doing all sorts of tasks including 3d modelling, texturing, digital painting, planar tracking and compositing. I’m very excited about the experiences I’ve been having, the people I’ve been meeting and the new skills I’ve been acquiring.

Admittedly, this has meant that my own personal projects have taken a back seat. This year I hope to change that though! With the skills and experience I’ve gained within my new professional environment, I’ll hopefully be able to  streamline my own personal workflows, which will in turn make the turnover of my own projects a much more frequent occurrence.

I appreciate anyone who has taken time to stop by and browse my blog. Please know that I’m still very much in love with 3D graphics and digital artwork, despite my radio silence throughout 2012. Stay tuned, there’s more to come this year I promise!



Can’t escape the noir?

This is (Very early) render of a setting that is to appear in my next project. Light and shade are once again taking an important role.

For the first time, I’m using UV texture maps with confidence, and since have learnt that using already existing textures speeds one’s workflow immnsely (As compared to previously, when I would export all of my models and Polypaint their textures using an external ap like Zbrush)

Stay tuned folks!

Upsize my boat, please.

Along with my experimenting with the Ocean itself, I also set about constructing an oceangoing vessel that would form the main setting for my animation. I started off with modelling what I imagined to be your regular ‘party boat’. This however appeared somewhat lacking in the decadent “International waters party” feeling I was aiming for. I set about turning what was a meagre speedboat into a hedonistic-party worthy mega yacht.

Worth noting is that these renders were taken after basic modelling was completed. Both boats are without texture mapping in each example.