Motion Graphics by Jeremy Clark

Completed Animations

“High Seas Hedonism” – 2011 – Modelled, Animated and Rendered in Maya. Composited in After Effects

What began as a “You know you’ve made it when..” joke, ended up as a 3 month amimation project. New skills included use of Maya Ocean, adding buoyancy to floating objects, use of Maya’s nCloth system and compositing via render layers. A slightly uneventful watch, though one could argue that’s just the point. Enjoy!

“Noir Diner” project – 2011 – Modelled and Rendered in Maya. Composited in After Effects

A homage to Edward Hopper’s famous 1942 ‘Nighthwawks” painting. New skills included use of Dynamic Particle effects, rendering out separate layers with different renderers for each, and learning basic compositing workflows..

“Desert Punk” videogame trailer – 2010 – Modelled, animated, and rendered in Maya

A project where I set about creating a feaux trailer, for a videogame named “Desert Punk”. This was my first attempt at character animation. The music was an original composition by myself also.